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Cover Letter

As an Estate Manager working in UHNW households ($30B+), I work directly with the Principals to plan and execute the overall management of the multiple properties (18+) for One family. I work directly with the Principal carrying out the wishes for each location. Based on the size of the property portfolio I wear many other hats to make sure all properties are operating as smooth as possible. I work  with Accountants, Attorneys, Architects, PA and more is par for the course. Common direct  supervision tasks may include screening and overseeing outside vendors, contractors, construction projects, automobiles, yachts and planes . With overseeing multiple properties from Coast to Coast / Nation Wide.

I travel ahead of the Family to get each property ready for their arrival and bring the staff up to speed on any necessary changes or service requirements.The level of “hands-on” involvement is 100% and all above/ beyond expectation of the Principals.

Estate Managers in the industry are some of the most well rounded workers that can be found anywhere. The unique combination required to succeed in this position is rarely found in other professions. My important abilities include:

-Working with UHNW families and/or individuals.
-Work with luxury items fine art and antiques.
-Skilled in electrical, carpentry, plumbing, planning, organization, painting, security
-Leadership and motivation skills.
-Independent and team project management.
-Creative and intuitive thinking and problem solving.
-Very resourceful.
-Extremely well-traveled -12 weeks of travel between properties on Average per Year.
-Negotiating skills.
-Helping with extended families properties, vehicles and staff
-Assisting in repairs to corporate office spaces owned by Principal(S)

Above all, the right person for the job will be adaptable to the standards and desires of the
employer. Execution of plans and tasks can be taught and developed with a basic skill set but only those who are truly “in sync” with their boss and environment will succeed for the long term.

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