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Estate Managers:

Responsibilities of an Estate Manager are as follows.

Manage the day-to-day operations of private estates.

Oversee all maintenance, repairs to the estate, including Grounds, Buildings, Vehicles, Yachts and Planes

Manage house staff - Housekeepers, Groundskeepers, Nannies, Chefs, Drivers, Security Detail, Personal Assistants, 

Working in tandem with in house Lawyers, Accountants, and assist other family members of the Principal(s)

Responsible for managing  Budgets, Vendors, Contract Negotiations, POA's to purchase property in the name of the Principal(s) or LLC's

Some Principals prefer their Estate Manager to plan Events, Parties, and all Travel, plus Calendar Management  

Some Principals will have their Personal Assistants plan Events, Parties, and all Travel while working with the Estate Manager

Overall an Estate Manager can not do everything on their own without a good team.

The end goal is to make the Estate run smoothly so the Principal(s) have no worries and the Estate is always 100% to the Principal(s) liking

If you're looking for an Estate Manager or you need other Domestic Staff - Chief of Staff - Household Manager - House Person - Nanny - Chef - Driver - Security etc.  I am available for hire or to discuss options to help you get the right staff.

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