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Ask me how I saved a single UHNW Family over $10M

As an adept Estate Manager / PM who has managed multiple properties across the country from New York to California to Martha's Vineyard to Palm Beach / Miami area with assets well over $300M. I have a well-rounded background in project management and refined talents in all phases of construction and compliance, which make me an ideal fit for any Estate Manager position. Furthermore, I am a proven expert in problem-solving and a consistent collaborator. My previous roles have strengthened my abilities in planning and management, including a focused attention to detail and accuracy.

My hands-on background includes.

Plumbing,Electrical,Carpentry,Building inspections,Management

Automotive/Transport high end vehicles,High end art,

Smart home - Tech savvy

Air travel,Blueprint reading,Contract negotiations

The list goes on.....

20+ Years Experience

I help build or manage Estates for HNW/UHNW/Celebrity clients

Create SOP's, House Manuals

Hire and train domestic/private staff, Build security teams,

Beautify their estates, among many other tasks.

When a Principal hires the right Estate Manager, their staff and properties are always running smoothly, eliminating a major source of stress for the principals....

Vet, source and manage vendors/contractors, negotiate contracts

Unfortunately there are contractors that up-charge based on a

clients status level rather than quality of work. 

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A Hands-On Estate Manager with such a comprehensive skill set offers a multitude of benefits

1 - Comprehensive Maintenance and Repair Abilities:

With expertise in construction, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and heavy equipment operation, the manager can address a wide range of maintenance and repair tasks on the property. This reduces the need for external contractors and minimizes costs.

2 - Efficient Operations and Timely Response:

The manager's ability to handle various tasks in-house enables quick responses to maintenance issues and emergencies. This ensures that problems are addressed promptly, minimizing disruption to residents or guests.

3 - Quality Control and Compliance:

With experience as a former building inspector, the manager can ensure that all maintenance and renovation work meets building codes and regulatory standards. This helps to maintain the property's compliance and safety.

4 - Effective Staff Management:

Experience in domestic staff management allows the manager to efficiently oversee household personnel, ensuring that tasks are delegated appropriately and operations run smoothly.

5 - Vehicle Fleet Management:

The manager's expertise in vehicle fleet management ensures that estate vehicles are well-maintained, properly utilized, and replaced as needed. This maximizes efficiency and reduces operational costs.

6 - Asset Management and Property Maintenance:

The manager's experience in asset management and property maintenance ensures that all estate assets are well-maintained and optimized for longevity. This preserves the value of the property over time.

7 - Project Management and Coordination:

With strong project management skills, the manager can oversee various projects on the property, from renovations and upgrades to landscaping and land development. They can coordinate multiple trades and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

7 - Budgeting and Financial Management:

The manager's experience in budgeting allows for effective financial planning and resource allocation. They can develop and manage budgets for maintenance, renovations, and ongoing operations, ensuring cost-effectiveness and financial sustainability.

8 - Turf Management and Landscaping:

Expertise in turf management and landscaping ensures that outdoor spaces on the property are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing. This enhances the overall appeal and value of the estate.

9 - Strategic Planning and Risk Management:

The manager's broad skill set allows for strategic planning and risk management to mitigate potential hazards and ensure the long-term sustainability of the property.


Overall, a Hands-On Estate Manager with such diverse experience brings invaluable expertise to estate management, ensuring efficient operations, cost-effective maintenance, and the overall enhancement of the property's value and appeal.


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Travel photos
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